Health & Wellbeing

We are aware that living with multiple levels of deprivation impacts negatively on any individual’s health and wellbeing, increasing their social isolation and creating a disconnect with their community support networks.

We have continued to build and extend our wellbeing service, based on what the community tell us is most likely to bring about positive change for them. We have looked to do this in several locations including our Community Shops. Collectively this has created an anchor for the community, a symbol of hope and steadfastness that is valued as a community asset.

Although still in its infancy our wellbeing service is gaining momentum at pace and has now reached more people than at any time in our 20-year history.

People attended a wellbeing activity

Benefited from a cooking on a budget course

Received a Christmas meal

Households received support with utility bills

Hours of Volunteer time provided to help the Community

We hope to provide even more support in the future. This could include confidence building workshops, support sessions, activity days, work experience and social action projects.

If you’re able to provide additional resources or assistance to help us extend our health & wellbeing services, then please email

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